Student Code of Conduct
All Gammon students are expected to behave in a courteous and considerate manner with care for the safety and welfare of self and  others .
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Kansas State Assessment
Here are important assessment dates. It is very important that your child be here at school for the assessment. If you have to make appointments for your child, please try to make the appointments in the afternoon as all of the assessments will be taken in the mornings. This will help us with the state assessment, thank you very much for your help!

Important Dates  
Reading State Assessments                                    Math State Assessments
Grade 4, March 31 & April 1                                     Grade 4, April 10-11
Grade 3, April 3 & 4                                                  Grade 3, April 14-15
Grade 5, April 7 & 8                                                  Grade 5, April 16-17
Science  State Assessments
Grade 4, April 29-30
Times for each assessment is from 9:30-12:30 each day.

Good attendance does not guarantee good performance on state assessments. However, data from a study support a relationship between low attendance and achievement. Schools having a relatively large percentage of students in the Poor attendance category had much lower achievement on state assessments.   The Board of Education has set a “Substantial Part of the School Day” as being inexcusably absent 1 ½ hours in either the morning or afternoon of a school day.
Top 5 Tips - What Families Can Do to Help Their Student prepare for State Assessments:
1.  Make note of when assessments are scheduled. Dates may be published in the school or classroom newsletter, flyers may be sent home, etc. Reschedule dentist or non-critical doctor appointments if they are scheduled during assessments.
2.  If you don’t know what assessments your student is taking and how the results are used, ask your student’s teacher or school administrator. The results of some assessments may actually determine classroom placement for the following year.
3.  There is no way to cram for assessments. Encourage your student to take their time and do their best. Tell your student that the assessments can be hard, but that taking them provides a chance to show what you know.
4.  Make sure your student gets a good night sleep. Have your student get up early enough to avoid hurrying and still be on time.
5.  Have your student eat a hearty breakfast at home or at school.
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